Lo sguardo (tra psicoanalisi e psicodramma)

di Lemoine Gennie


The author claims that the element of sight is that which distinguishes psychodrama from psy- choanalysis; in the latter the patient cannot draw his own image from the analysts glance and is thus forced to renounce to his imaginary identity. The Author however denies that in the analytic psychodrama either therapists or participants are confined to the level of the imaginary, of specular identification and repetition. On the contrary, the bewilderment experienced by the individual who enters the psychodramatic group (in which transfert is diluted among all participants) may even be greater than the one experienced in the course of psychoanalysis, where transfert creates a bond between patient and analyst. Indeed, rather than to a reassuring maternal circle the psychoanalytic group may be compared to a hole similar to that into which the newborn falls on his emerging from his mother’s womb: a world in which every color and sound represents a wound. There must not be any common referent and no external reality must enter the psychodramatic group in order to permit analytic work. Lastly, a reference is made to Nietzsche by showing how psychodrama, due to the many forces it haphazardly frees, activates the law of desire and castration, that is the very law of the unconscious. Therefore psychodrama is analytic in its very premises.

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