Psicodramma o Psicoanalisi?

di Lemoine Paul


Psychodrama or psychoanalysis? The acting-out in psychodrama distinguishes psychodrama from psychoanalysis. The psychoanalytic act in psychoanalysis consists in the abstention of the therapist which, together with the patient’s frustration, causes the revocation of his early experiences. In psychodrama, however, acting and play are real events. They permit the taking up of the matter in hand where the patient left it and the correction of its present consequences. The A. sustains that the intervention of the auxiliary ego in play can arrest repetition and spark off the mourning process in the protagonist. Some examples demonstrate that the two forms of therapy distinguish themselves in transfert articolation. The A. sustains that in psychodrama the therapist should neither frustrate the patient nor control his transfert. The importance of the countertransfert in the psychodramatic therapy of psychotics is also discussed. In a small group a context is made in which the desire of the patient can be reconstructed.

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